Why choose RecruitSafe?

RecruitSafe have many product offerings available, examples being, a single reference check through to comprehensive compliance management packages, police clearances and complete personnel files. Depending on your requirements we have a cost effective solution available. Employers have used our services for as few as  1 to over 1,000 candidates.

Our specialised software allows us to effectively manage the screening processes and customise our services offering based on the individual client requirements.

Our clients range from National SME’s to Multi-National blue chip corporations. We provide all with the highest level of quality, professionalism and absolute confidentiality.

RecruitSafe, unlike many other screening companies at all times utilizes the candidates CV/Resume as the basis for screening. Many screening companies require the candidate to complete an on-line application detailing their career history. This can lead to deliberate omissions or additions to what was originally presented to the prospective employer on the candidates CV/Resume. Having the candidate re-submit their information in an additional format can also lead to poor candidate experience. RecruitSafe uses the information on the candidate’s original CV/Resume to ensure the information initially presented to the employer is true and accurate.


Our services are totally independent. We are not a recruitment company.


Experienced, professional management and compliance staff.


More than 20 years of compliance management expertise.


Our service and competitiveness allow clients to focus on their core business.


Flexibility to provide both off the shelf and customised solutions.


Our team can provide a rapid response to all requirements.

Strategic partnership is at the forefront of our customer relationships. Our key focus is to provide customised screening solutions which will meet our clients’ needs and satisfies the relevant regulatory requirements. Our services do not require a minimum spend or candidate volume. We are registered with and have been audited by the Data Protection Commissioner..


Meet the team


John Lyons


John has 20 years experience working for U.S. Multinationals and held many Operational and Management roles during that time. He holds a black belt in Six Sigma. John co-founded RecruitSafe in 2010.


Mike Stankard


Mike has 30 years experience working for multinational companies and has held numerous positions within Engineering and Management. For 9 years, Mike held the position of Vice-President of Ireland Operations for a well-known U.S. Insurance provider. Mike co-founded RecruitSafe in 2010.

Pre-employment Screening Services

RecruitSafe have many pre-employment screening services available, from a single reference check through to comprehensive compliance management packages.



BS7858 | IS999 | BS5979

RecruitSafe are experienced in providing screening solutions that meet various security screening standards. Most of these standards require…

Security Standards




RecruitSafe have compliance staff who specialise in this area and have extensive experience providing screening/compliance services to…

Healthcare Standards



Fitness & Probity

Under the Central Bank Reform Act of 2010, the screening of all candidates performing Controlled Functions as per the Fitness & Probity standards is…

Financial Standards